Frequently Asked Questions

Are your kits beginner friendly?

While some patterns are more ambitious than others, it's still just one stitch at a time. All of the stitches in our patterns are suitable for beginners. Of course, you can always use simple or more challenging beginner stitches to achieve different but still oh-so-satisfying results.

We love to see people sharing their final hoop on Instagram with a note that says “my first embroidery project!” Those are the people we design for – first time stitchers. We’re so grateful to play a part in people's first foray into embroidery, and want them to enjoy it and be proud of their finished creation. If you have any questions about the difficulty of any particular kit, don't hesitate to ask. Send us an email or a direct message via Facebook or Instagram, we’re happy to help!

Are the kits kid-friendly?

While our kits are intended for adults, lots of young humans have stitched up our patterns too. Every human is different, and some kids will take to stitching faster than others. The trickier parts are threading the needle and mastering hand-eye coordination when moving the needle up from behind the fabric. These are skills that are learned with practice, just like moving a spoon into your mouth. As with any project, be mindful of the appropriateness of working with small, sharp needles and scissors. Needles and scissors can cause serious injury.

Can I change colours or stitches with your patterns?

YES! Please feel free to go rogue. You be you. Because the lines on our pre-printed fabric are thin and grey, you can easily cover them with any colour of your choosing. Want to simplify and use only a backstitch? Go for it! Want to mix it up and make the pattern more challenging with different stitches? Go for it! Add beads? Yep, do that too. Your creativity is celebrated here.

Can I edit the image on pre-printed fabric?

Our inks are PERMANENT. If you are looking to make edits, it is easiest to use a PDF download.

How do I transfer a PDF to fabric?

We’ve been experimenting with a few different methods to transfer a pdf to fabric. Here’s our favourite techniques so far:

Try our own method using an inkjet printer.

Window tracing method:

  • Print the page of the pdf for your desired image size onto white paper.
  • Tape the image to a window with good light.
  • Then tape your fabric over the paper so that you can see the image come through.
  • Trace the design onto your fabric. A water soluble fabric pen that erases with a little dab of water works great! Pens are available at most craft and fabric stores.
  • Check out our short video tutorial on this method.

Stabilizer/Transfer Paper method:

You can find water soluble or carbon transfer paper and stabilizer (Fabric Solvy)at many craft stores. Each brand is a little bit different, so be sure to follow manufacturer instructions.

Do you offer custom design services?

Sorry, but no. To be completely honest and transparent, I funnel all my creative energies into my own designs.

Why aren't your complete kits ever on sale?

We sell to a LOT of lovely independent shops around the world. From one small business owner to another, we're not going to undercut them on price. Independent shops are the backbone of our economy, we love them, and want them to continue to be successful. If you find our kits on sale with a stockist, please support them :)

What kind of needles do you recommend / include in kits?

Needles make a big difference in the overall stitching experience. That is why we supply and recommend Bohin brand embroidery needles needles (they are the best of the best). Size 3 are included in each complete kit, but a size 5 (smaller eye and shaft) works great too.

What kind of fabric do you use?

In any fibre art, the quality of the materials matters. It would be a lot easier to print using a synthetic blend, but we love the feel of a natural fibre. Our fabric is a medium weight 100% natural cotton muslin.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! Please contact us and tell us a bit about your shop :) You can also find out more on our wholesale websites:

What is your sustainability policy?

We're not perfect, but we're trying very hard to limit our environmental footprint. Our packaging and materials are paper (recycled content when possible) rather than single use plastic. Each kit is currently plastic free! Every effort is made to minimize waste in production and in day-to-day operations.

How do you give back to the community?

Hook, Line & Tinker is more than a creative business; it has given us the opportunity to combine our love of craft, and business, and values into one place, and we couldn’t be happier or more grateful. We donate 5% of profits to organizations that support women and children experiencing homelessness and actively volunteer. Our charity of choice is Adsum for Women and Children.