We're moving! AKA How to have 3 homes under offer in under two weeks.

We're moving! AKA How to have 3 homes under offer in under two weeks.

Not so fun fact: I’m decisive, tenacious, and very good(?) at making offers on houses.

Simplifying life and work (goals!) has been extra, extra...complicated. As a small-batch, crafty business, the “we” in Hook, Line & Tinker is myself, my husband Trevor, and now our son, James. We’ve been blessed by the help of many other hands and hearts over the years, but today, for now, we’ve been keeping things cozy while we make some big moves.

When our business outgrew our home studio in 2021, we moved into a too-large-for-us space that came with a few extra stressful, unexpected challenges (leaky roofs are not good for business). It wasn’t working.

My family and I decided our best option was to find a new home with the space, and a community with the proper zoning (tricky), to let us combine work and home life under one happy roof again. Easier said than done…and we never thought it would be easy.

  • Our sweet home in Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia, sold relatively quickly at the end of May. Yay!  
  • We put an offer in on a house in a small community in New Brunswick that we were super excited about. After a lot of work, that deal positively imploded. WOWZA.  
  • The day after the first house fell through, we had an accepted offer on another home in the same community (yep, I’m tenacious, and decisive). It was beautiful! The following week, the seller changed her mind and decided not to sell. Very big OUCH. 
  • Propelled by the ever looming date of the sale of our current home, I dried my puffy red eyes and steeled my nerves. We jumped in the car and went to look for a miracle. And it happened! As they say, 3rd time’s the charm! 

This house was meant to be our house, our perfect home sweet home. Our community. The new roof to shelter both family and our happy, crafty little business. Every hurdle and misstep conspired/designed to lead us to…

Honestly, I’ve always loved WOLFVILLE, Nova Scotia, but it has always had notoriously limited availability, particularly in our budget. I didn't think it was possible. But here we are, furiously scrambling to pack up both home and shop. We’re official! 

After selling and then navigating our way through 2 unsuccessful and one successful house deals, we're behind in pretty much everything. 😬 Your patience and understanding during this transition is truly appreciated. 

P.S. I’ve decided I’m never ever moving again, so I’m very glad that I love our new home! Which is kind of a shame, because I would really like to work with our amazing agent Mary Bennett at PG Realty again. She expertly helped us sell our current home and quickly seal the deal on our new home in Wolfville. Just saying, she’s my hero. (For the record, she had nothing to do with our two disasters in New Brunswick. We made that mess without her. LOL)

- Laurie Dolhan -

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