So many stitching puns, so little material.

So many stitching puns, so little material.

Needle a little fun in your day?
Get thready for these embroidery puns!
They'll have you in stitches.

Last fall, I decided to whip up some business cards with a little FUN - they each had an embroidery pun on the back. When I shared my card images on Instagram - whoooooaaaaa! The PUNNY people came out to slay! The wordplay in the comments was so stunningly impressive I just couldn't let it all languish, buried in my Instagram feed. "Sew" I've "pricked" just a few to share with you. 

If your comment wasn't selected, please know that from my heart, it was still very much appreciated. There were just soooooo many zingers, it was very difficult to choose.

@see.jane.stitch Sorry you're out of material. Thinking up sewing puns is harder than it seams, especially if you're hanging by a thread anyway.

When I’m sewing please don’t speak to me I needle a little space

Don't get it stitched. I'm Thready to get embroidering!

The stress of coming up with a stitching pun has me coming apart at the seams. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

Sometimes you rip what you sew!🤣

Christmas trees aren't great embroiderers--- they're always dropping their needles!

My husband asked how my latest craft project was going. I replied "Sew sew".

@lindsaycarroll3 I’ve got a stitch-uation: I’m all out of puns, plz come take over 🫡

Thready or knot, this joke will leave you in stitches! 😂

@gemma_hale93 You're punnier than I am, maybe you can give a stab at it? 🧵

Q: What’s an embroider’s favorite song?
A: Hoop There It Is!

Darn it all. I don't have any pins. I mean puns. But some good ones here have me in stitches

I love a good pun; these have me in stitches! It’s amazing how much material y’all have come up with from one common thread.

Do you have a zinger that absolutely, positively MUST be included in this list, please send it along! Send me an email!

Oh! And If you'd like to use any of my images, you can download them from here. I only ask that you please keep the attribution.

- Laurie Dolhan -

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