Layer up! And I don't mean a sweater

Layer up! And I don't mean a sweater

If you have ordered a complete kit or preprinted fabric from my website within the last few years, you likely received a blank square of fabric with your order. Did you figure out what it was for?

When I stitch, I personally like to add an extra layer of fabric in my hoop. And when there is imperfect fabric on hand in the studio that can’t be used for printing, I share. ("a square to spare" LOL) Layering is a small trick that can easily elevate both your experience and your finished project.

More is LESS. 3 simple reasons why you should layer

  • Less wiggle. Do you find yourself repeatedly re-tightening the screw as you stitch? That extra piece of fabric, particularly when layered against the grain of the printed fabric, will better hold your work in place.
  • Less transparency. You're less likely to see any pesky stray threads through your finished project. And the overall look can feel a bit more luxe.
  • Less distortion. If you have any trouble maintaining consistent tension throughout a project, you may notice your patterns can become a bit wonky. Layering helps keep the fabric from pulling as you stitch.

How to make a fabric sandwich.

  • Select any type of light coloured, lightweight, non-stretchy fabric. Muslin, poplin, quilting cotton are all good choices. It doesn’t need to be new. Cut a piece to match the size of your patterned fabric.
  • Lay your blank on a flat service and lay your printed fabric on top. 
  • Slip both pieces of fabric into the hoop together and tighten the screw.
  • Stitch through both layers. Embroidery needles are SHARP. You shouldn't have any trouble stitching through two layers of fabric using a decent quality size 3 or size 5 embroidery needle.
Passing along a layering square is a helpful bonus with your order and helps me minimize and divert waste. #winwin. 

Give it a try! Let me know what you think. And of course, happy stitching!

- Laurie Dolhan -

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