We've added 3 MORE Days of Christmas

We've added 3 MORE Days of Christmas


Calling Birds, Golden Rings, Goose o' Laying

April 28, 2023

They're here! Just in time for Christmas LOL But seriously, I am sooooo excited about the release of next three patterns in our 12 Days of Christmas Collection. No need to pack them up with last year's candy canes. (FYI do not eat candy canes off the tree at my house.) These beauties will look great year round. As per usual, the PDF downloads will follow shortly.

Released last year:

- Partridge 

- French Hen

-Turtle Doves


- Swan July 2023 

- Milkmaid July 2023 

- Lady Dancing July 2023 

Leaping Lord October 2023 

- Bagpiper Piping October 2023

- Drummer October 2023

Do you have feedback? Ideas for new pattern designs? A gift of a joke or pun to bring joy to my day! Please...Send me an email!

- Laurie Dolhan -

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